February 20, 2024

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Sharing traditional and contemporary artistic knowledge, techniques and promoting artistic discourse in response to ongoing cultural appropriation in the fashion world and beyond.

Artist and designer, Sage Paul was dreaming of a space to develop and transform her ideas into new works in fashion, textiles and wearable art, within an Indigenous framework with her community and with the strengthened voice of a group of Indigenous women artists. This is something that does not formally exist in Toronto, and so Sage approached Erika Iserhoff, Textile Artist and the Artistic Producer at Native Women in the Arts, and Gabriella Caruso of Red Pepper Spectacle Arts about making it a reality. From there the Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator was born. The word Setsuné means grandmother in the Indigenous language, Dene.

With the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council, and the support of the local community, Setsuné will launch with its 2015 Summer Workshop Series on April 19 and will bring together young Indigenous women artists (aged 16-35), prioritizing Indigenous mothers, to encourage the development of artistic skills and understanding of Indigenous knowledge. As a unified series, the diverse workshops provide valuable research to expand artistic skill and stimulates important discussion around culture, tradition and appropriation. However, the workshops are a safe open space for everyone of any age, gender or culture, to learn about Indigenous cultures and include Corn Husk Doll Making, Hide Tanning, Basic Pattern Drafting, Regalia Making, Silk Screening and Moose Hair Tufting/Applique/Beading.

The Workshop Series runs April to August, and includes professional facilitation, open discussion, materials, meals and childcare. Workshop fees range and registration is open to everyone, though priority registration is given to young Indigenous women and mothers (16-35). We have full sponsorships available for Indigenous women and mother artists aged 16-35, it’s more than likely we will have a spot saved for you!

ON MARCH 13, START AT –> www.setsuneincubator.com/events
Classes will fill up and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Indigenous women and mother artists, aged 16-35:
You qualify for a full sponsorship!
Email to register: info@setsuneincubator.com

Following the workshop series, Setsuné will commission a group of five Indigenous women artists to create a new body of artwork in any area of fashion, textiles and wearable art addressing the theme of cultural appropriation.

Visit www.setsuneincubator.com for more information and to register for workshops.

About the Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator

Setsuné (set-soon-eh) means grandmother in the Dene language and we use it to acknowledge intergenerational cross-overs, blood memory and oral histories expressed in fashion and the arts.

The Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator fosters and promotes the research, development and creation of works by young Indigenous women and mother artists (16-35) in fashion, textiles and wearable art. Setsuné is essential to the growth of Indigenous fashion and arts, connecting artists with industry, galleries and allies to create a respectful and authentic discourse among diverse cultures and sectors. Our annual Workshop Series serves as research and development for Indigenous artists and their work, providing an understanding of Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous tradition and Indigenous and mainstream artistic techniques. The annual Collaborative Creation Project supports the creation of a group collection in fashion, textiles or wearable art, based on the workshop series theme.

Workshops are open to everyone to build understanding of our culture and traditions and to encourage strong, cross-cultural partnerships. Indigenous women and mothers (16-35) are provided priority access to the workshop series, and full sponsorships are available to them.


Media contact:
sage paul, co-founder/co-artistic director


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