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2016 Gift List

2016 Gift List

Elements from the Heart Silk Scarf | Jamie Okuma

Whether you’re looking to support growing Indigenous businesses this holiday season or you’re your looking to treat yourself this winter, here is a list of things we love. Mother’s day is in March or maybe there’s a special someone’s birthday coming up…It’s never too late or too early to window shop in the spirit of giving.

Children of the Raven Blanket | Bill Reid
Children of the Raven Blanket | Bill Reid

1. Children of the Raven Blanket by Bill Reid

The late Bill Reid designed the “Children of the Raven” image for the Canadian Museum of Civilization in 1976. The image celebrates the creation of humankind by Raven. Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Reid has created an artistic legacy as well as passed on valuable knowledge to younger artists. Click here to learn more about the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations Symbology of the Raven.

Shop the Children of the Raven Blanket online here.

2. Elements from the Heart Silk Scarf by Jamie Okuma

This limited edition scarf is so elegant. Okuma first created the design in beads and feathers, then photographed the work, and had the remixed image digitally printed. Now, we can appreciate the beauty, elegance, and impact of traditional regalia in modern fashion. A bold and unique addition to your day or evening wear. Pair with Okuma’s Parfleche Rope Necklace for additional punch, sold separately at this link.

Pamper your skin with an 100% Silk Scarf from artist Jamie Okuma! Buy it online here.

3. Moccasin Eyeshadow Palette by Kamâmak Cosmetics 

Kamâmak is an Aboriginal owned, mineral based, paraben free colour cosmetics line. Infused with the Native culture of North America….a modern, fun, sophisticated, take on cosmetic art. Be creative….set

Moccasin Eyeshadow Palette | Kamâmak Cosmetics
Moccasin Eyeshadow Palette | Kamâmak Cosmetics

your inner artist free. Shop more paraban-free Kamâmak cosmetic products here.  

4. Canoe Suede Lined Moccasin by Manitobah Mukluks

This winter, cozy up to these suede slippers from Manitobah Mukluks! Our ancestors originally designed these hide moccasins to wear outside in the summer. Manitobah Mukluks continue the tradition by combining modern techniques and materials to make functional moccasins for urban environments. This style has a fleece foot lining and a rubber sole. Shop the Canoe Suede Lined Moccasins and more styles online here.

5. Sore Joint Salve by Medicine of the People

Founded in 1995, Medicine of the People represents a way of making products that has our people’s needs in mind. The products are distinctly ours; original, developing products with respect for our culture and the traditions that were passed on. The company’s philosophy of love and respect for the world is the same philosophy used when manufacturing the products.

Try the Greasewood Ointment for cuts and burns or the Sore Joint Massage Healing Oil for holistic healing practice. Prices range from $10-$48 USD depending on the products.

Like Medicine of the People on Facebook here.

Wildrose & Cranberry Mineral Bath | Mother Earth Essentials
Wildrose & Cranberry Mineral Bath | Mother Earth Essentials

6. Wildrose & Cranberry Mineral Bath by Mother Earth Essentials

Indigenous owned company, Mother Earth Essentials was founded by Carrie Langevin who comes from a long line of Cree Medicine women. These high quality bath, body and beauty products include soy candle’s, mineral baths, cleansers, lotions and a variety of essential oils. Founder, Carrie blends the finest essential oils, berries, medicinal, and ceremonial plants that Mother Earth provides with the teachings she learned as a young girl.

Celebrate your body with the Wildrose & Cranberry Mineral Bath for $7.00 sold online here.

7. Inuksungualiik Slippers by Nunavik Creations

Nunavik Creations values deep-rooted Inuit traditions and is moving forward and keeping up with the times of fashion and technology. The Inuksunggualiik Slippers are a contemporary creation by the Inuit. Inuit started making slippers in the 1960’s to keep feet toasty warm during the cold winter months. These slippers are cozy with Rabbit fur trim, fleece lining and a soft leather sole. Slippers are $189.00 and can purchased online here.

"Native Americans Discovered Columbus" Tee | OxDx
“Native Americans Discovered Columbus” Tee | OxDx

8. Native Americans Discovered Columbus Tee by OxDx

Every year we celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival to the Americas. Why? He was no hero. Let’s flip this. Reconsider the story of discovery. “What represented newness of freedom, hope, and opportunity for some was the occasion for oppression, degradation and genocide for others.” – National Council of Churches. T-shirt ships out of USA for $30. See full OxDx 2016 fall line here.

9. Beaded Medallions at by Linda Roy

Buffalo skull beaded Medallion is made from Tan Deer skin hide. Artist, Linda Roy is an Ojibway Artist from Nipissing First Nation in northern Ontario who makes all goods by hand. Medallions, art and other crafted goods can be purchased online at Q Rockford Visual Healing Arts Gallery.

10. Tammy Beauvais Designs

Beauvais opened her first fashion design company, Tammy Beauvais Designs, in Kahnawake, Quebec in January 1999. Her work has been greatly influenced by her family’s connection to the Longhouse, where traditional ways of life, customs and culture have never been broken.

Designs range from appliqué adorned ties, skirts and vests, printed fabrics and more. Shop the Eagle Feather Tie online here.

Zhawenim Sister Doll | Margaret Judy Kakenowash
Zhawenim Sister Doll | Margaret Judy Kakenowash

11. Zhawenim Sister Doll by Margaret Judy Kakenowash

This doll was handmade by Margaret Judy Kakenowash Azure (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) and features pink regalia to bring awareness and strength to those battling breast cancer. Each doll is made with hide, wool, ribbon, seed beads, and feathers, with pink horsehair and cowry shell detailing. A sacred medicine bundle of tobacco, sage, cedar, and sweet grass fill the body of the doll. Her gift is to provide protection and strength for whenever needed. Each is one-of-a-kind with a unique personality. Shop more arts, jewelry, and clothing at

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