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8 Booklets on Tools for Indigenous Family Survivors of Violence – an annual day of action in Colten Boushie’s memory

8 Booklets on Tools for Indigenous Family Survivors of Violence – an annual day of action in Colten Boushie’s memory

We are reaching out to you on behalf of the family of the late Colten Boushie and a cohort of nine advocates and academics from the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. Together, we developed Tools for Indigenous Family Survivors of Violence ( It builds on the family’s experiences fighting for justice for Colten and offers some insights and resources from an Indigenous perspective around victim rights, dealing with media, navigating the legal process, relationships with police, and more.

Our group put this resource together so that other families of victims wouldn’t go through what Colten’s family went through – a total lack of information or care by the legal system.

We launched the resource guide on Feb 9, 2022, an annual day of action in Colten’s memory. It’s the day following the not guilty verdict in the Gerald Stanley trial when Colten’s family resolved to stand up for true justice in Colten’s name. This is an ongoing battle, and this resource guide will hopefully help other Indigenous families who face colonial violence and oppression while dealing with the tragic loss of their loved ones.

Please see a statement below from Colten’s family (who do not wish to do press at this time).

We hope these resources will give guidance and support to Indigenous families who need them. And we pray that one day, they will no longer be necessary.

This year marks 4 years since an all-white jury acquitted Gerald Stanley, by way of the canadian legal system, for the killing of our beloved relative, Colten Boushie. Yet, for us it feels like it was just yesterday we were watching guards hold the gate and doors open for Stanley as he ran away. We endured much hardship and discrimination from the colonial systems and its agents. Sadly, we continue to witness loss of Indigenous lives because of colonial violence and we see their families trudging through the same unkind processes to which we did. How many more lives need to be taken before accountability and true justice is accessible for Indigenous people in canada? No more, that’s the correct answer. Until that time, we will continue to speak out on the injustices we experienced and hold space for our relations. This National Day of Action calls on the people to reflect on the present systems and then take action.


We thank the National Association of Friendship Centres for their assistance in distributing the guides as well:


Dr. Tasha Hubbard
Dr. Gina Starblanket
Co-leads and Spokespersons

Resource guides supported by:

Alberta Humanities Research Grant (Kule Institute for Advanced Study, University of Alberta and Calgary Institute for the Humanities, University of Calgary)
Wahkohtowin Lodge, University of Alberta
Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta
National Association of Friendship Centres

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