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Art for Aid Project Announcement

Art for Aid Project Announcement

Metis artist Colleen Gray has recently sold the original and recent creation of Blood of the Earth, a visual commentary dedicated to Missing and Murdered Indigenous people. The successful recipient is Judy Langdon, Owner of The Cheddar Stop in Carleton Place, Ontario.

100% of the purchase will be donated to benefit an organization called It Starts With Us. (

It Starts With Us is a grass-roots organization supporting the families of murdered and missing Indigenous people. The money will be used to support families and community members.

The Art: The work depicts the absence of a face, symbolic of the disconnection that is often felt in the face of such tragic situations. The deep red veins of the Earth reach up to accept the blood of the victims and they live on in the cracks and folds of the natural world who accepts them without prejudice or judgement.

The Medium: Acrylic, Ink and Watercolour on 9×14 foamcore. (Artists Note: This is original artwork and will not be reproduced)

The Art For Aid Project: We create and sell our artwork to support the collecting and shipping of new and gently used art supplies to remote Indigenous communities. This work takes the burden from the teaching and support staff, allows creativity where boredom often rules and supports healing and positive mental health.

We are grateful to Judy Langdon and to the many people who provide ongoing support of our work.

For more information on The Art For Aid Project, visit our website at

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