Jessica Kraitberg

Jessica Kraitberg grew up on Vancouver Island BC, where she developed a deep love and respect for the land that continues to capture her imagination and influences the relationships she builds, the foods she eats, and how she chooses to spend her time. Jessica moved to Toronto to persue her passion for women and family centered care where she graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery from Ryerson University. Jessica is of Dutch/Canadian ancestry and was raised with her sister and brother who share Anishinaabe ancestry. Because of this connection and through involvement in the Aboriginal community in Toronto, Jessica has fostered an awareness of the richness, diversity, and complexities within Aboriginal communities which informs her work as a midwife as she looks towards traditional birth knowledges and practices to support her clients and encourage positive pregnancy and birth experiences. She is currently working with Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto.

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