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Brantford Tax Project 2018 Takes Up the Cause of Mohawk Nation’s Liberation

Brantford Tax Project 2018 Takes Up the Cause of Mohawk Nation’s Liberation

The Six Nations Indians or Mohawks in Brantford, Ontario, have a new mission to defend their tax rights and culture. The Brantford Tax Project 2018 has been set up to seek liberation of real property in Brantford, convert it into liberated and independent holdings and end the tyranny of Brantford’s authorities and their claims against the Mohawk nation.

Brantford is well known to the Mohawks as having usurped their rights, apart from treating the Canadian Sovereign with contempt. This goes against what Frank Oliver had once said in 1914 in the House of Commons that shows Mohawk and British allyship: “But there are bands of the Six Nations Indians located on the Grand River in Ontario who, I maintain, are in a different legal position from any other Indian bands who are native to the country…”

The Brantford Tax Project aims to be a National Liberation Movement, work towards liberating the Mohawk property from municipal property taxation, and define it as repatriated holdings, which will fall only under the Mohawk jurisdiction as extra-territorial lands outside the jurisdiction of Canada. This diplomatic solution will address the current lack of political and judicial will of the Canadian government to correct the menace of the local government against Mohawk sovereignty.

Among its activities, the Brantford Tax Project 2018 will carry out practical exercises so that the Brantford authorities provide evidence of how property tax and levies are lawfully applied to the Mohawk people. It will evaluate the evidence, so that total liabilities and interests can be determined, apart from the verified obligations of the Mohawk people.

The Brantford Tax Project is being documented by Benjamin Doolittle (nom de guerre), a fraternal member of the Sha’tekari:wate; one of nine sub-clans of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) Confederacy. Benjamin Doolittle is the current Occupant of the Office of President of the Haudenosaunee & Raseron:ni Neighbourhood Association of Brantford and Founder of the One-Flint Free Society.

Tax revenues are the lifeblood of the municipality, which must NOT come from the veins of the Mohawk!” says Benjamin Doolittle.

The Brantford Tax Project will also work towards providing safe and affordable housing to Mohawk families. It will help connect people with accessible programs that support the Mohawk way of life, and will engage public at large to promote the issues of Mohawk liberties. It will also create and support a community in and out of Brantford for everyone to feel safe, loved and respected, as well as work as a learning organization that will match pace with the changing needs of the Mohawk Nation through promoting trade, investment, tourism and consular services to Mohawks abroad.


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