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Documentary About Waseskun Healing Centre among Five New Releases on in May 2020

Documentary About Waseskun Healing Centre among Five New Releases on in May 2020

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is delighted to announce the online release of Waseskun, a documentary shot inside the Waseskun Healing Center, a rehabilitation facility for Indigenous male offenders of all ages and from all communities located in the town of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez in the Lanaudière region of Quebec.

The film will be available for streaming, free and worldwide on, starting May 11th, 2020.


  • Waseskun offers an uncensored look at the complex process of rebuilding men at war with themselves.
  • The Healing Centre’s philosophy is that healing does not come from erasing one’s past, but by regaining one’s cultural identity and traditional values.
  • In Creewaseskun is the word used to describe the moments just after a storm when the dark clouds begin to part, blue skies appear, and the first rays of sunlight pierce through.
  • Granted unprecedented access to the centre, Director Steve Patry focused his lens on the daily lives of those who reside at this unique facility.
  • With empathy, but free of naïveté, Patry chronicles the difficult journey of men who have survived hellish family and social situations and now struggle to be reintegrated into society.
  • This film is the follow-up to Steve Patry’s De prisons en prisons, nominated for a Jutra Award for Best Documentary in 2015.
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