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Joseph Sanchez- “Niizh Manidoog Giigidowag / The Spirits Are Talking”

Joseph Sanchez- “Niizh Manidoog Giigidowag / The Spirits Are Talking”
Date: Friday, January 15, 2021 GMT-0500 - Saturday, February 20, 2021 GMT-0500
Time: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location: Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery
Address: 203-290 McDermot Ave
City/Province: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Please visit our website on how you can visit the gallery as we are still maintaining MB COVID Precautions


Press release in Ojibwe and English

Aandi: Main zhigwa Marvin Francis Media Galleries ge-ayaamagak

In the Main and Marvin Francis Media Galleries


Ezhising: Niizh Manidoog Giigidowag / Title: The Spirits Are Talking

Wezhitood: Joseph Sanchez / Artist: Joseph Sanchez


Waabanda’iweng Apii: January 15 akoo February 20, 2021

Exhibition Dates: January 15 to February 20, 2021

Curiosity Cabinet onji Joseph M Sanchez

  1. Wiin waasigan bakite’igemagak
  2. Omazinichige 10 bibooned onji, mayagizinichiged inwaadizo onji 13 daso-bibooned
  3. Ogii-bimosaadaan zhooniyaawaabik Zulu Gichi-ogimaan
  4. Starseed
  5. Bemenimaad niizh oniijaanisa’, oniijaaniskaawina’, gekino’amawaad gakina abinoojiiya’ geniin daayaan.
  6. Bizindaw gichi-anishinaabeg, getaadiziwaad gaye
  7. Maawanj weshkaadizid onji igi Native Group of Seven, PNIA,Inc.. gaa-inindwaa.
  8. Wiindamawaad ge-ani-ayaanid wegonen gaa-gikenjiged bemaadizid
  9. Ogaganoonaa’ omazinichigeg aaniin ji-inendamowaad Anishinaabe mazinichiganan.
  10. Gii-anokiid, odaminod, gagiikonged, wiiji’iwed, wiijishimomaad gaye gekenimimind.
  11. Odebwetaan Anishinaabe izhichigewin, biminizhawaad Debenjigenid
  12. Ganawendang aaniin igi Native Group of Seven gaa-gii-inindwaa ji-ani-gikenimimind.
  13. Ganoodang ani-nishiwaanaajitood gidakiinaan, igi ozhooniyaakeg, oninamaawaad awiya, aanaweninged bakaanizinid awiyan, gitenimod, gaa-niigaaniikaazowaad
  14. Odebwetaan ani-niizhwaasi aanikoobijiganan bi-ayaagin
  15. Enind mayagizinichiged, indio dali, enaadizod, niibawitamaaged, netaa-onaabanjiged

Curiosity Cabinet of Joseph M Sanchez

  1. He is lightning struck.
  2. An artist since he was 10 and a self described surrealist since he was 13.
  3. Walked on gilded splinters with the King of the Zulu.
  4. Starseed.
  5. Dedicated father to his two children, his many god children, and teacher of all children in the communities I share.
  6. Listens to the elders and ancestors.
  7. Youngest member of the legendary Native Group of Seven, PNIA,Inc..
  8. Sharing what he has learned in this life with the next generations.
  9. Speaks to the Art World about understanding Art by Indigenous people.
  10. Worked, played, advised, collaborated, and danced with many legends.
  11. Believes in ceremony and guidance from Creator.
  12. Keeping the spirit and work of the Native Group of Seven in the hearts and minds of the People.
  13. Speaks to the destruction of our planet, our Mother Earth, by the capitalistic, colonizing, racist, ego-driven, so-called leaders.
  14. Believes in the 7 generations coming.
  15. Aka spiritual Surrealist, indio dali, visionary activist, and dreamer.

Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery

203-290 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, MB   R3B 0T2

p: 204-942-2674, e:, w:

Urban Shaman: Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery acknowledges the support, throughout the year, of our friends, volunteers, community and all our relations, NCI FM, CAHRD, Wawanesa Insurance, Winnipeg Foundation, Manitoba Heritage, the Winnipeg Arts Council, the Manitoba Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts. ~Miigwetch/ Hai Hai/ Ekosi / Merci/ Thank you

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