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Fantastic Films by Caribbean Women

Fantastic Films by Caribbean Women
Every month is women’s month at CaribbeanTales. There was such a great response to our focus on women directors in March, that we are now featuring films from the catalogue that are available through our other platforms!
As well as all our wonderful titles that are available for sale on CaribbeanTales-TV, — CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution also sells films strictly for educational and broadcast rights. We are highlighting the following titles in our focus on Women Filmmakers around the Caribbean and Diaspora.
Directed and Written by Joanne Johnson
Produced by Joanne Johnson, Louris Lee-Sing & Tracy Farrag
Feature Film | Trinidad & Tobago | 2015 | 90 mins | English
​ Young Sally is traumatised when her only caregiver, her grandmother, becomes ill and Sally is forced to move in with the family her grandmother works for. Overcoming her despair, Sally finds unique ways to improve her situation and help both her grandmother, and herself, in “Sally’s Way”. Set in the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, the film has a universal message of growing up despite the odds. So whether you are living a “Sally Life” or not, this family film will resonate positively with you. The movie is an adapted and expanded version of the children’s book by Joanne Gail Johnson.
Directed by Melissa Gomez 
Documentary | Antigua | 2008 | 38 mins | English
SYNOPSIS: Exploring the relationships between three Antiguan brothers and the unique way in which they continue to fight for a brother who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia almost 25 years ago, the story celebrates two of the most important things in Caribbean life: family and laughter. Awards: Best Documentary Production, Berlin Black International Cinema Festival; Best Documentary Short (Nominated), Pan African Film & Arts Festival.
(Available for Broadcast Only)
Directed by Andrea Leland
Documentary | U.S.A, Belize | 1998 | 46 mins | English |
SYNOPSIS: Shot entirely in Belize, the filmmakers worked closely with Garifuna tradition bearers, anthropologists and cultural activists during the research, scripting, production and editing phases of this project. The documentary resulting from this “outsider and insider” collaboration is the first of its kind, one that captures the triumph of spirit of the Garifuna people.
(Available for Broadcast Only) 
Directed by Andrea Leland
Documentary | U.S.A, Virgin Islands | 2006 | 70 mins | English
SYNOPSIS: 79-year old James Brewster is an uncompromising musician from the Caribbean island of St. Croix known for his humorous, provocative and playful compositions and lively performances. As a young boy, he made his own instrument out of a sardine can and a piece of white pine lumber. In the six decades that have followed, Jamesie and other musicians continued to use instruments that one can “scratch up” when performing and recording music along with more contemporary instruments.
(Available for Broadcast Only) 
Directed by Andrea Leland
Documentary | U.S.A, Belize | 2014 | 50 mins | English
SYNOPSIS: YURUMEIN (your-o-main) is an important UNTOLD STORY of Carib/Garifuna resistance against slavery that deserves its place in the annals of the African Diaspora. The film recounts the painful past of the Caribs on St Vincent and the extermination of scores of their ancestors at the hands of the British, while building an intimate portrait of Garifuna culture in-transition today. We are given firsthand accounts from both Carib descendants who remain on the island of St Vincent and voices of returning descendants whose ancestors were exiled to Central America—where Garifuna traditional culture was able to survive and flourish.
(Available for CTTV, Broadcast and Educational)
Directed by Andrea Leland
USA/Haiti | 1989 | Documentary | 43 mins | English | SD
SYNOPSIS: Western and African cultures collide in Haiti resulting in religious conflict between Christianity and Voodoo. Despite centuries of vigilant opposition from the Christian Church, Voodoo has flourished in Haiti and continues to be one of the strongest elements underlying Haitian culture. This film dispels Hollywood stereotypes and presents Voodoo as a belief system that has been passed down from African ancestor to slave to present day Haitian.
(Available for CTTV, Broadcast and Educational)
Directed by Candice Lela-Walker
Documentary | Trinidad & Tobago | 2010 | 24 mins | English
SYNOPSIS: When a pregnant young woman discovers she is HIV-positive, her world comes crashing down. As she exhausts her possible options, the damage caused by her own errors overshadows whatever hopes she foresees for her child. Notable Festivals & Screenings: CaribbeanTales Film Festival, Barbados; New York International Film Festival; Zanzibar International Film Festival.
(Available for CTTV, Broadcast and Educational)
Directed by Ruby Robinson
Series | Jamaica, USA | 2015 | 30 min | English
SYNOPSIS: The reality series is built around veteran reggae singer, songwriter, producer and promoter Singing Melody (Everton Hardweare) and his wife Ruby Robinson Hardweare who is an IT and Telecommunications Executive; an unlikely couple who met and fell in love some 10 years ago. The show is based primarily in Jamaica with scenes at the couple’s Miami home and coverage of Singing Melody as he travels for work. Episodes from the series which have already been shot were done on locations in Jamaica, USA and Canada. The three pillars on which the series is built are: the romance between Everton and Ruby; Everton’s music career and the dream house which the couple have been building over the past few years.
(Available for CTTV, Broadcast and Educational)
Created by Frances-Anne Solomon
Series | Canada | 2007 | 22.24 mins per episode | English | SD
SYNOPSIS: Created by Frances-Anne Solomon, and produced through CaribbeanTales and Leda Serene Films, in association with Bravo! and Gayelle the Channel, each half-hour episode showcases a different Caribbean performer and explores the depth of their artistry
(Available for CTTV, Broadcast and Educational)
Created by Frances-Anne Solomon
Series | Canada / Trinidad & Tobago | 2005 | 47.5 mins | English
SYNOPSIS: Literature Alive is a 20-episode series (Seasons 1 & 2) that profile Caribbean-Canadian authors.
(Available for CTTV, Broadcast and Educational)
Directed by Lisa Wickham
Series | Various Locations | 2004 | 30 mins per episode | English
SYNOPSIS: A rollercoaster ride of the people, places, foods and festivals of the Caribbean and West Indies.
Still Available on CaribbeanTales-TV
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Alison Saunders – Hit For Six
Annalee Davis – On The Map
Asha Lovelacem – Joebell and America
Dawn Wilkinson – Devotion , Instant Dread & Wilderness
Ella Cooper – Black Men Loving
Elspeth Duncan – Invisible
Judith Falloon Reid – Gift Everlasting, The
Judy Singh – Blood  
Karen Martinez –After Mas
Maria Govan – Rain
Nina Vilus – Trou D’Air
Nyahsa Lang – Punta Soul
Rachele Magloire – Deported
Renee Pollonais – Directions & Quiet Desperation
Sarita Siegel – Fire Burn Babylon
Princess Simone Donelan – Footprints
Tamara Tam-Cruikshank – Come with it Black Man


CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution (CTWD) is the first full-service film distribution company in the English-speaking Caribbean, and aims to become the reference point for producers and buyers of Caribbean-themed contents. To find more about CTWD, please visit our website.
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