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Georgina Beaty as Kylie Grandview | Photo by: akipari

Time is running out to see the incredible Georgina Beaty in Stitch by rising star and Cree playwright Cliff Cardinal. The one-woman tour-de-force performance is on now in Aki Studio, and closes this Sunday June 14th.

Theatre Critics

NNNN – NOW Magazine
“Cliff Cardinal’s dark and ultimately unnerving comedy…packs a gut-wrenching punch.”

3 AND 1/2 Stars – Torontoist
“funny, shocking, and sad”

“Stitch is a taut, sensitively directed production, beautifully performed by Georgina Beaty.” – Scene Changes

“brilliant piece of theatre… will have you cringing, crying and laughing all at once.” – Ontario Arts Review

“The show is terrifying, deeply disturbing, challenging and yes, at times, very funny.” – Sprockets and Greasepaint

Audience Reactions

“A fierce performance” – Cara Gee
“Brutal, haunting, sharp as hell.” – Tess Degenstein
“Go see this… Dark with humor and pathos.” – David Ferry
“WOW”. – Bruce Gibbons

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Georgina Beaty
Georgina Beaty | Image Source: Native Earth Performing Arts

A Bit About Georgina Beaty

Georgina Beaty, Toronto-based actor, Co-Artistic Director of Architect Theatre, and graduate of both the University of Alberta and Studio 58, is the driving force behind the one-woman tour-de-force that is Cliff Cardinal’s Stitch. Beaty plays the role of Kylie Grandview, a single mother and porn star whose plight takes center stage. Stitch is “the story of a woman claiming agency in a system that denies her any power,” describes Beaty. “Kylie is a warped ingénue for dark times.”

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Jovanni Sy
Jovanni Sy | Image Source: Native Earth Performing Arts

gaganoonidiwag with Jovanni Sy

“The theatre company that I run in B.C. doesn’t do work this raw and visceral… I feel really privileged to be in this kinda crazy world of pornstars, and drug addicts. It’s a great place to be.” – Jovanni Sy

Stitch Director/Dramaturge Sy joins Jessica Lea Fleming for the final ‪gaganoonidiwag‬ podcast of the 2014/2015 season.

Listen Now

Come Celebrate With Us!

Closing Reception: Sun, June 14 | Post-Show
Join Native Earth, Culture Storm and the Stitch Cast & Creative Team at our closing celebration following the final matinee.

More info about performance:

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