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Image Source: Half Breed Films

Half Breed Films is excited to announce our upcoming local aboriginal produced short film “Gods Acre” will be starring Canadian-Aboriginal actor Lorne Cardinal best known for his role as “Sergeant Davis Quinton” on 6 seasons of CTV’s Corner Gas (2004).

“Gods Acre’ is the story of a older Aboriginal man being forced to adapt to a constantly changing world. Climate change has altered the way people live, bringing droughts and floods to previously unaffected areas. And yet, a man continues to live alone in the wilderness like his family before him. Even before global warming and it’s catastrophic consequences, he was an outlier to society. His roots remained firmly planted in the customs his family passed on to him. However, every day the outside world’s problems are landing closer to his doorstep. Water is rising and swallowing the land his cabin stands on. Now, he must abandon his birthplace or adapt to the new conditions.”

Gods Acre will be shooting during the summer in the Northern Aboriginal community Fort Chipewyan. Half Breed Films has also partnered with the non-profit organization The Lake Athabasca Youth Council in creating a youth mentorship program providing onset film experience and workshops to the local youth. To raise funds for the film our production is going to be starting a crowdfunding campaign on May 25th till June 25th. If you are not familiar with crowdfunding it is a method of raising money for projects where people donate to a project online and receive perks (such as posters or dvds) for contributing!

Below is a preview link of our campaign page when we go live:

The goal with our story being featured is to inform the public on our campaign and how to be a part of it. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!

Kelton Stepanowich (Director)
Half Breed Films

For more information:

Gods Acre
Image Source: Half Breed Films


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