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Louise Solomon is an Ojibwe artist and “urban Indian” from downtown Toronto. Although she was born and raised in downtown Toronto she has always had a strong connection to her Ojibwe roots and Reserve which is Cape Croker First Nations. Almost every summer she heads to Cape Croker with her family for several weeks of camping in the bush.

Louise SolomonLouise’s love for art was nourished at an early age by her Grandmother. She would spend time with her after school sculpting, painting pictures or learning how to bead. She attended the University of Guelph where she received her Bachelor of Arts, where she specialized in Sculpture and Extended Media. After university Louise decided to pursue her love for art and fashion, and in 2009 Louise was accepted into the Jewellery Methods program at George Brown College for Jewellery Arts. She graduated from Jewellery Methods in the spring of 2011.

As a goldsmith Louise is able to bring her large-scale sculptures down into wearable forms of art while also working with more precious materials, such as sterling silver, gold, precious gems and diamonds. Many of her artistic expressions stem from her love of Mother Earth and the quick pace of downtown Toronto living. Louise chooses to depict the transformation and industrialization of our Mother Earth, which has become the central theme in all her art. She makes pieces of jewellery that are edgy and mainstream but still embody the spiritual and cultural values of her Ojibwe traditions. Her jewellery is edgy, Native Canadian, high-end art.


Louise Solomon
Designer and Owner

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