March 31, 2023

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Indigenous Hip Hop Artist Jah’kota Release New Music Video: INDIGENIZE

Indigenous Hip Hop Artist Jah’kota Release New Music Video: INDIGENIZE

(Ottawa) Indigenous Artist Jah’kota released New Music Video: INDIGENIZE on YouTube. Imagine Native Peoples, Indigenous to Turtle Island, their culture was revitalized. What if one song, one chorus, hip hop and culture can influence change through-out the country. Imagine artist used music as a way to heal an entire nation. Native hip hop artist Jah’kota’s new debut single strives to achieve just that.

In collaboration with Tracey Lynne Photography “INDIGENIZE” Music Video by Jah’kota ft. Inuit throat singer Charlotte Qattuu, Avery Keenainak, and Inuit Drummer David Saumik. The goal for this track is to help achieve Reconciliation in a positive way using art, music, and culture.

Jah’kota believes art, music and culture are some of the highest forms of human intelligence. His heritage bridges Jamaica and the Nakota First Nation. Born and raised in Winnipeg his life experience has taught him to use his talent as a way to be the change he wants to see in the world. Not only is Jah’kota a recording artist but he is also an entrepreneur helping other Indigenous youth break into the music industry. His music carries positive messages and romantic vibes that will not only inspire you but will also educate about the history of Indigenous people within Canada.

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