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A Video Game Development Program for Indigenous Girls and Women Aged 13-24
Presented by the Indigenous Routes Collective and Dames Making Games

The Indigenous Routes Collective is pleased to announce an innovative partnership project with Dames Making Games providing programming and game development training for indigenous* girls and women aged 13-24 in Toronto. The project will run Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons June 2015 at Bento Miso (862 Richmond Street West).

This program is free of charge to Indigenous* girls and women aged 13-24.

Deadline for applications is May 29.

Drawing on the experience of established indigenous media artists within the collective and Toronto community and the technical and gaming expertise provided by Dames Making Games participants will be guided through process of conceptualizing and programming games. The course will move from the ground up and requires no past programming experience, just a desire to learn and make games. Projects will be made individually and in collaboration, including collaborative projects with mentors. Finished games will be presented to the public as an arcade in October 2015.

Weekly sessions will run Thursdays, June 4th to 25th, 5-8pm and Saturdays, June 6th to 27th, 1-5pm at Bento Miso, dinner will be provided.

Artist fees will be paid to all participants who exhibit work in October.

Dames Making Games is a not-for-profit feminist organization dedicated to supporting dames interested in making, playing, and changing games.

This project has been made possible through the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts – Media Arts Projects Grants.

* Aboriginal communities, First Peoples, and Indigenous nations are those that are self-identified as having a historical continuity with societies that developed on recognized territories before colonization or transformation of that region into a nation-state and may consider themselves distinct (with often unique cultural, linguistic, traditional, social and other characteristics) from other sectors of the societies or nation-states now prevailing on those territories.


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