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New Publication by Kegedonce Press: creole métisse of french canada, me, by Sharron Proulx-Turner

New Publication by Kegedonce Press: creole métisse of french canada, me, by Sharron Proulx-Turner

Kegedonce Press is proud to announce the publication of creole métisse of french canada, me, by Métis poet Sharron Proulx-Turner. This powerful and moving collection is poetry as memoir, written in a unique prose-like fashion without capitalized words. Sharron writes of her time in grad school and the challenges she experienced with others’ opposing perspectives. She shares memories from her childhood, reflects on the role of writing in her life, and writes of her experiences as a two-spirited woman. Her personal stories invite the reader to understand both her life and Métis experience in Canada. Sadly, Sharron passed away in 2016. Kegedonce Press is honoured to publish her last manuscript in her memory.

True stories from the inside out.

“I wish I could be that brave. as brave as the big dipper. the great bear there, purring, watching, holding my hand. me looking to the side and down. the words I seek are buried there, under grief. inside the darkness of a cottonwood, inside the seeds of orange berries. the wings of a female mallard in flight, exposing blues and whites and blacks otherwise unseen, like a woman’s beauty, often hidden until she looks up, sees the small spaces between the leaves, yellow hearts on the black bark after a fall rain.” –Excerpt from creole métisse of french canada, me


“Readers of Sharron’s earlier books will be moved to hear more of her poetic storytell, while readers new to her work have in this book an open doorway through which to visit with a woman of knowledge, energy, challenge, and wit, an important Métisse/Métis writer.” Joanne Arnott, poetry editor for Event Magazine and author of Halfling Spring.

“This text revolves around itself, weaves a lineage into its own lining, retells and untells stories from before and after. This text is a reach into the breach, a simultaneous digesting and retching that fetches the wretched of the earth and beads it into balance. This text allows the vitriol of history to surface but not surpass the story of songlines, breaths of care that filter into alveoli, sustaining and disclaiming all at once. This text is a single word writ worldly on our skin.” Ashok Mathur, Head of Department of Creative Studies, University of British Columbia, Okanagan.


For further media information or to request a review copy, please contact 

Kegedonce Press at communications [at] kegedonce [dot] com.

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