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New Single ‘Solidarity’ from Joshua Arden Miller

New Single ‘Solidarity’ from Joshua Arden Miller

Solidarity is a true song of our times. In today’s current social climate, does the new single from Joshua Arden Miller even need an explanation? Perhaps not, but here’s one for the record.

From Six Nations of the Grand River, this Bluesman’s new song crosses genres and cross-pollinates sounds creating a hybrid of Blues-based Rock-pop resulting in medicine for your ears and your spirit.

Written after witnessing the onslaught of very disturbing, tragic and unjust events play out on social media daily, Josh authored this song as an outlet for his frustrations. Without being too literal or pointing to specific movements, this song floats above the negativity we all relate to and carries us through a narrative of hope with the anthemic chant “Solidarity”!!!!

Ringing with powerhouse musicianship which has become the norm for musical talent rooted in the Six Nations region, Joshua Arden Miller offers this song for native and non-native people alike, in the spirit of solidarity.

Written & Produced by Joshua Arden Miller. Mixed & Mastered by Alan Duffy. Recorded & Engineered by Eric Anderson @ Humble Man Recordings. Featuring Oren Doxtator on drums Blaine Bomberry on guitar/backing vocals and Alan Duffy on bass


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