November 27, 2022

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Crossroads: Art + Native Feminism

Crossroads: Art + Native Feminism

New Brunswick, NJ – The Feminist Art Project (TFAP), now in its eleventh year of successfully shining a spotlight on feminist art and its impact on culture and politics worldwide, announces the schedule for a special series of events in New York, February 16-18, 2017. With an impressive list of participants, The Feminist Art Project’s TFAP@CAA will present a diverse set of panels, performances, screenings, and roundtable discussions that will engage anyone interested in contemporary art and ideas. These events, offered under the umbrella title of TFAP@CAA, coincide with the 105th Annual College Art Association Conference being held in Manhattan from February 15-18, 2017.  

The centerpiece of TFAP@CAA will take place on Saturday, February 18 from 10:15am – 6pm at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD). The Feminist Art Project is pleased to partner with MAD to host TFAP@CAA Day of Panels Crossroads: Art + Native Feminism, a symposium organized by Symposium Chairs Juane Quick-to-See Smith, artist; Maria Hupfield, artist; and Kat Griefen, Rutgers University and Queensborough Community College. Prior registration is not needed for this event that is free and open to the public.  MAD is wheelchair accessible.

Crossroads: Art + Native Feminism is a dedicated day of panels, roundtables, and discussions lead by Indigenous knowledge carriers, artists, community members, elders, academics, and their accomplices on the topic of art and Native Feminism focused on North America. From the countless unnamed works produced by Native women and acquired by historical museums in service of colonial nation states around the world, to Rebecca Belmore representing Canada at the Venice Biennale and Christi Belcourt’s Anishinaabe Nation floral motif inspired designs on the haute couture runway of Valentino, Native women across the continent have a long established tradition in the visual arts that pushes against dominant patriarchal structures. Against the odds of systematic erasure through colonization, and historically situated outside of mainstream Feminism, the experience and knowledge of native women offer ranging perspectives conceptually better located at the center of the movement. Land recovery, self-determination, and social relations based in respect and inherent dignity of all living beings from non-human to human, are a few examples that fluidly move across and between traditional and contemporary practices today. View the full list schedule and list of panelists.


In addition, TFAP has scheduled the following events:


Thursday, February 16, 2017, at 7pm.
The NYC TFAP Regional Chapter and SOHO20 Gallery will present an evening of video work by women artists. SOHO20 Gallery, 56 Bogart St., Brooklyn 11206.

Friday, February 17, 2017, at 7pm – 10pm

A night of performance art on Intersectionality, Feminisms, and Indigeneity from across turtle island entitled From the Belly of the Beast. This long over due evening of unruly rumblings, vicious hunger pains, un-mothering and eventual birthing of the revolution, is a shout out to the performance artist as anti-hero. Working from the zone of danger with a “no going back” mentality these artists aim to disrupt the status-quo and cross the threshold using sound, mixed media performances and installations, vocalization, and live action. The evening promises to be a lively exchange that speaks out from the depths of humanity’s underbelly at the center of the American empire. Maria Hupfield and Katya Grokhovsky, Co-curators. Artists included are Ayana Evans, Charlene Vickers, Damali Abrams, Emilie Monnet and Danya Danger, Emily Oliverira, and Natalie Ball.
Grace Exhibition Space, 840 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11206.


Post photos and tweet!    #TFAPatCAA
For more information, descriptions, schedule, and location details visit

The Feminist Art Project (TFAP) is an international collaborative initiative recognizing the aesthetic, intellectual, and political impact of women on the visual arts, art history, and art practice, past and present. TFAP promotes diverse feminist art events, education, scholarship, resources, and publications through its website and online calendar, and facilitates networking and regional program development worldwide. TFAP is a program of the Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

For additional information about The Feminist Art Project, its National Committee, Honorary Committee, and Program Partners, or to obtain jpeg images and to schedule interviews, please contact: 848-932-3726.

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