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NFB Labrador Identity Through Film tours Nov. 20-25, 2017

NFB Labrador Identity Through Film tours Nov. 20-25, 2017

Goose Bay. Rigolet. Makkovik. Postville. Hopedale. Nain.
Monday, November 20 – Saturday, November 25

The National Film Board of Canada in collaboration with the Labrador Creative Arts Festival is proud to share two new films by Inuit directors Asinnajaq, (Three Thousand) and Echo Henoche (Shaman) with the filmmakers in attendance.
Stephen Agluvak Puskas, Associate Producer, is keen to meet local artists and learn what stories are relevant to your community for future productions!

Join us to watch the films, meet and talk with the filmmakers and participate in workshops that celebrate Labrador Identity Through Film.

Workshops: Stephen Agluvak Puskas, Associate Producer s.puskas [at]
Screenings: Michael Shu, Coordinator, m.shu [at]

The featured films presented:

2017 – 5 min
A film by Echo Henoche, from Nain, Labrador
Hand-drawn animation

Shaman is a first collaboration between the National Film Board of Canada and Labrador Inuk artist—and first-time animator—Echo Henoche. The short brings to life Henoche’s favourite legend, told to her by her grandfather in her home community of Nain, Nunatsiavut, on Labrador’s North Coast. It is the story of a ferocious polar bear turned to stone by an Inuk shaman. Hand-drawn and painted by Henoche in a style all her own, Shaman shares with the world her perspective on this Labrador Inuit legend.

Three Thousand
2017 – 14 min
A film by Asinnajaq (Isabella Weetaluktuk), from Inukjuak, Quebec

“My father was born in a spring igloo—half snow, half skin. I was born in a hospital, with jaundice and two teeth.”

Inuit artist Asinnajaq plunges us into a sublime imaginary universe—12 minutes of luminescent, archive-inspired cinema that recast the past, present and future of Inuit in a radiant new light.

Diving into the NFB’s vast archive, she parses the complicated cinematic representation of Inuit, harvesting fleeting truths and fortuitous accidents from a range of sources—newsreels, propaganda, ethnographic docs, and works of Inuit filmmakers. Embedding historic footage into original animation, she conjures up a vision of hope and beautiful possibility.

The filmmakers will attend the screenings.


Monday, November 20
Goose Bay
10 am screening at Northern Cross Church

Afternoon workshops at Mealy Mountain
7 PM: Community screening at Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre
*Presented as part of the Labrador Creative Arts Festival

Tuesday, November 21
Afternoon workshops at Northern Lights Academy
7 PM: Community screening at Rigolet Community Hall

Wednesday, November 22
Afternoon workshops at JCEM/JCE Memorial
7 PM: Community screening at Makkovik Community Hall

Thursday, November 23
7 PM: Community screening at Postville Inuit Community Government

Rec Hall

Friday, November 24
Afternoon workshops at Amos Comenius Memorial School
7 PM: Community screening at City Hall

Saturday, November 25
Afternoon workshops at Nain Primary School multipurpose room
7 PM: Community screening at Nain Primary School multipurpose room

These films are presented as part of the NFB’s AABIZIINGWASHI (WIDE AWAKE) grand tour of 250+ Indigenous works, screening across Canada this year.


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