February 20, 2024

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Oglala-Sioux woman awarded for activism

Oglala-Sioux woman awarded for activism

Charmaine White Face of Rapid City, South Dakota has been commended as a Giraffe Hero, an award given to people around the world who stick their necks out for the common good. 

White Face was honoured for her lifelong actions on behalf of her fellow Oglala-Sioux. She has fought against corruption that has left too many Oglala-Sioux in extreme poverty.In recent years, she has sounded the alarm on the dangers of ambient radiation from abandoned uranium mines in the area. Her efforts have been opposed by many who benefit from the corruption she’s  ​worked to stop; White Face has been repeatedly threatened and the brakes on her car have been cut.​

Charmaine White Face
Ms. White Face is available for interviews. Please contact her at cwhiteface@gmail.com

The mission of the Giraffe Heroes Project is to move people to stick their necks out for the common good and to give them tools to succeed. The Project finds and commends real heroes, ​tells their stories in media, materials for schools, in trainings for citizens, in OpEds, social media, and in a free database of heroes at www.giraffeheroes.org/giraffe-heroes. The Project’s tagline is EnCouraging Today’s Heroes & Training Tomorrow’s.
Information about the international non-profit Giraffe Heroes Program is available at www.giraffe.org and from Press Director Bonnie  Stinson stinson@giraffe.org.
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