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November 16, 2015 – Today, David Zimmer, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, issued the following statement to mark Louis Riel Day:

“Today marks a significant date of observance for Métis people. On November 16 in 1885, Métis leader Louis Riel was executed for leading the Northwest Resistance in defence of Métis rights. Louis Riel is credited with playing a pivotal role in the history of Métis people, as well as the formation of the Canadian Confederacy.

We are proud to stand with the Métis Nation of Ontario to celebrate not only Louis Riel’s contributions, but the contributions of the Métis Nation to Ontario’s past, present and future. Ontario is lucky to have a vibrant Métis culture and language that values and celebrates diversity.

Our government has been working hard to broaden and deepen our relationship with the Métis Nation of Ontario. Last year, we renewed a five-year Framework Agreement, underscoring our continued commitment to work in partnership on our shared priorities.

We remain committed to working together to invest in and improve the well-being of Métis children, families and communities.

It is important that we acknowledge Louis Riel’s contributions to building Canada and that we recognize and respect the history, culture and identity of Métis people. We are grateful for their historic and present contributions to Ontario and Canada.”

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