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POEM: Sun-Tipped Horizon

POEM: Sun-Tipped Horizon

Sun-Tipped Horizon

A spot out by the Bay

I’ve always thought so beautiful.

Surrounded by berry bushes

able to see so far beyond.

polar bears

go by in the distance. And

how the sun reflects on the water.


special to me.


Raised on my family’s ancestral lands,

always felt a spiritual connection

to the water and the land.

Grew up with wild food,


and the natural medicines.

Grandmother always knew the

medicines for any kind of sickness

even cuts and scrapes.


what I protect.

So the people can continue to enjoy these things

to leave clean, fresh water

for future generations

We have to think about them too,

the creator’s law.


written by Brandon Earl MacLeod with words from Jennifer Wabano


About The Author

Brandon Earl MacLeod is a poet, journalist, and teacher based in Edmonton, AB, working as a journalism trainer with Journalists for Human Rights’ Indigenous Reporters Program in Northern Ontario. His love and appreciation for nature run deep, spending much of his time outdoors.

He enjoys reading, exploring, and taking pictures. Brandon was born in Prince Albert, SK, and raised in Cold Lake, AB, and is a member of the Métis Nation of Greater Victoria.



Brandon Earl MacLeod
Brandon Earl MacLeod
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About The Author

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