February 20, 2024

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A new facility is under construction to house the Royal Alberta Museum (RAM), with approximately 84,000 square feet of gallery space over four thematic areas: Alberta History, Natural History, Children’s Gallery and Bug Room. The Hall of Alberta History comprises the following galleries:

  1. Ancestral Lands
  2. Worlds Meet
  3. Canada Takes Control
  4. Alberta Forms
  5. Alberta Transforms
  6. What Makes us Strong

Two of the intended exhibits within these galleries require the services of an illustrator(s) who identifies as a member of a Blackfoot First Nation and is familiar with Blackfoot culture. The two exhibits are:

  • Napi Rock Story
    This is the story of Napi and the rolling rock (Okotoks Erratic), requiring four illustrations capturing the sequence of events.
  • Weasel Tail Suit
    This is the story of the weasel tail suit and what the detailing on the clothing represents, requiring two illustrations:

    • Tadpole story – A boy was taken by water spirits as he attempted to cross a river. Dragging the boy beneath the surface the spirits took him to their underwater home where they kept him for a year.
    • Tadpole story – The boy survived by gathering tadpoles, and hitting them to turn them into dried meat. When the water spirits released him they gave him a shirt with the design of painted tadpoles.


  • The Royal Alberta Museum requires the services of an illustrator(s) to prepare these six illustrations in a format suitable for production, as follows:
    • RAM will advise whether artwork will be in Vector or Raster.
    • The output scale could range from 275mm x 225mm to 70mm x 90mm.
      Artwork should be fully legible at both ends of this range.
    • Raster artwork should be prepared for final output at minimum 300ppi at the large end of this range.
    • Vector artwork can be delivered in either the native Adobe Illustrator file format (.ai) or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) in CMYK color mode.
    • Raster-based artwork should be delivered as TIFs in CMYK color mode.
    • Where illustrations require text as labelling, text must adhere to the type treatment standards outlined in the RAM Graphic Strategy, which will be
      provided to the Contractor(s).
  • The services can expect to be provided over the period February 16, 2016 to May
    24, 2016. The Royal Alberta Museum, in its discretion, will confirm actual start and end dates for the coordination services upon finalizing the contract.
  • The Contractor shall perform the Services no later than the completion dates specified as follows for each assigned illustration:
    • Discussion on illustration intentions with Royal Alberta Museum staff – due
      March 8, 2016
    • Prepare and deliver draft illustrations – due April 12, 2016
    • Review draft illustrations with Royal Alberta Museum staff – due May 3, 2016
    • Prepare and deliver final illustrations – May 24, 2016


Interested proponents are asked to submit the following (maximum 6 pages):

  • Experience and training in graphic / communication design.
  • A minimum of four sample illustrations of past work.
  • Hourly rate and total fees to undertake and deliver the services described.
  • Legal name and address for contracting purposes.
  • Confirmation of insurance requirements – the successful proponent will be required
    to sign the Government of Alberta’s standard contract, which includes insurance provisions. All proponents should request a copy of the contract template prior to submitting a proposal, in order to ensure they meet all the conditions. It is not necessary to hold such insurance in order to submit a proposal, but the successful proponent will be required to secure it upon award.
  • Two references with phone numbers.


Residency in, or travel to, Edmonton is not a requirement of the work.

Bid Package

Reference Number: AB-2016-00484
Solicitation Number: 1516-00508-ILLUS
Link to APC: http://vendor.purchasingconnection.ca/Opportunity.aspx?Guid=D68CD818-AC48-4446-A114-237230D19503


Proponents can request a copy of the contract template from: Emma Knight
Royal Alberta Museum
12845 – 102 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5N 0M6
Email: emma.knight@gov.ab.ca
Phone: 780-453-9100

Due Date

Proposals in PDF format only must be submitted by February 9, 2016, 2:00 pm, to the above email address.


The Royal Alberta Museum is not required to accept the lowest cost proposal and may reject any or all proposals.


Proposals will be evaluated against the following variables:

  • Experience & Qualifications – 50%
  • Reference Review – 30%
  • Cost – 20%
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