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The Calgary Spoken Word Society Presents: Languages Lost & Found

The Calgary Spoken Word Society Presents: Languages Lost & Found

Calgary, AB (March 18, 2016) – The Calgary Spoken Word Society is developing a new program called School of Thought. Educational in nature – there will be 8 events which will bring poets and social activists together to share ideas and exchange perspectives with an ‘audience’. The ‘audience’ will be comprised of students, writers and anyone from the community interested in the evolvement of languages. This program is intended to stimulate discussion and create an open forum of educational space in the community. The presentation will be unique, experimental and cutting edge. It will be a circle of possibility – and the process will be interactive.

“This event is directed at the keenly curious individual – who enjoys playful repartee! It is about experimentation in the realm of creative learning. There is a circle – and sharing. Come and listen and if you feel the impulse, join the discussion.”

School of Thought features an exciting ensemble of spoken word and literary talent, including Louise
Bernice Halfe, Joséphine Bacon and Cheryle Grey-Eyes.

Part I takes place April 19 – 21 at Wine-Ohs (811 – 1 St SW), where the poets will present work based around the concept of Languages: Lost & Found. The intention is to focus the group thought in on one very specific idea. From this focused intension the poets will develop their own philosophical point-of- view, and poetical discoveries, which they will then unfold into the discussions held in Part II, taking place April 22 – 24 at Festival Hall (1215 – 10 Ave SE). Like a workshop discussion circle, or salon, ideas will be at the forefront of this aspect of the educational gathering. All presentations will be followed by discussions. We plan to create a circle of possibility—educational and inspirational. The entire process will be interactive and live-streamed.

Most events are entry by donation. One of our ticketed events includes Originality of Vocality: Indigenous Lingos – Louise Bernice Halfe will launch her new book, Burning in this Midnight Dream (Coteau Books) written in English and Cree. She will be joined by amazing poet Joséphine Bacon who works in Innu language. And we are thrilled to also present Cheryle Grey-Eyes, who will drum and sing in Cree. Students of the Willow Park School will also present the poems developed as part of our Word Travels program.

For more information:

Twitter: @YYCSpokenWord

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