February 24, 2021

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the heart is the river

the heart is the river

dark hair
from darker place
the drum
i remind
feel the drum
the beat
her heart
the heart
the river
gains strength behind
the stories behind
your story behind
her stories behind
the drum
i remind
stand loudly


the rush
the waters
(are life)
lead the way
the waters
came first
lead the way
to see whose hands
will catch
will hold
(i am here)
whose eyes will see
and whose ears will hear
i am watching
dark hair emerging into story
(from the stories behind)
for me to hold
her story
by the rivers that came



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About The Author

Kimberley Orton

I walk through this world in snapshots. Episodes. Bits of soundtrack. (I see, I am, I hear.) Poetry, though, poetry is what grants me flow, gives me voice, and allows me to stand loudly (I know, I speak, I become.) These ordinary graces are what let me be here, madly. Everyday. With want and relish and such, such love. Kimberley Orton is a mixed European and Algonquin Métis poet/playwright, photographer of skies, and registered midwife who lives and works in downtown Toronto. She has been pub-lished by Playwrights Guild of Canada, and a variety of literary publications across Turtle Island. Mostly known for her writings about strong women who, through sharing their stories, are able to (re)connect themselves to one another, to notions of sanity, and to a feeling of place, Kimberley is exploring themes of love cycles and intergenerational healing in her new collection, ‘the and poems’. She holds degrees from UofT in Theatre and English Literature, and is currently com-pleting her MFA in Creative Writing at UBC.

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