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Beyond Our Roots Festival: Get culturally supersonic over 4 nights this May

Beyond Our Roots Festival: Get culturally supersonic over 4 nights this May

Beyond Our Roots is a vibrant celebration and revelation of multiple genres of live music over four supersonic nights. From Latin to African to Balkan to Jazz, Flamenco, Cumbia and Blues Rock – Beyond Our Roots creatively intertwines culturally inspired music in a way that reverberates the sounds of Toronto.

Each night’s program transports audiences from one culture and genre to another to revel in and reveal the commonalities and interconnections between cultures – that expressively and seamlessly can combine through the universal language of music.

Artists range from fiery flamenco fusion by Santerias and Ventanas to Indigenous empowered indie folk, rock and blues from Logan Staats, Derek Miller and Twin Flames. Traditional African styles are aptly amplified by Donne Roberts, Soukustek and Afrafranto while Selcuk Suna creates Jazz crossroads of Turkish rhythms.

Beny es Guerra coalesces North and South American music through instrumentation like the kuisi bunsi (Indigenous-Colombian flute), the Turtle Island hand drum and hip-hop vocals and turntables. Moskitto Bar guides a musical journey from Brittany, the Celtic part of France, to Bagdad, Iraq with stops in the Balkans and South America.

These artists and more will inspire transnational emotional expression between the audience and artists – so that all can go beyond their roots.

Launching on Cinco de Mayo (May 5), every night features 4 or 5 groups performing at Revival at 783 College Street in Toronto. Each night (May 5, 7, 12 and 13) has a $10 admission and starts at 9 pm (May 5 at 8 pm).

Listen to a playlist of festival artists on Spotify at:

The Beyond Our Roots festival is produced and presented by the Latino Canadian Cultural Association (LCCA). This non-profit organization is committed to develop a strong community and support system for Latin American artists in Canada. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for our members by working as a collective and collaborating with other artistic communities nationally and internationally. The LCCA encourages innovation through its programming of contemporary visual arts exhibitions and multidisciplinary cultural events. Beyond Our Roots festival and LCCA activities are made possible with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through Canadian Culture Online. The LCCA is supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

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