June 04, 2023

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Call for World Healing enters sixth month | DEC 20, 2020 @ 12AM

Call for World Healing enters sixth month | DEC 20, 2020 @ 12AM

Collective Days of prayer organized until the pandemic ends 

Midewikweg Nimikaagewag which means ‘Medicine Women dancing for the people’ is a group of organizers responding to an Elder from Wasauksing First Nation’s call for Jingle dress dancers to lead the world in a unifying prayer. Jenny Blackbird, Robin Rice, Jennifer Murrin, and Nicole Leveck are Jingle Dress dancers also responding to the call issued earlier this spring. An open invitation for individuals around the world to participate collectively with intentions toward global healing on the 20th day of each month at any time between 12am (Midnight on December 20, 2020) to 12am (Midnight on December 21, 2020) and will continue until the pandemic ends.

The group has organized Facebook and Instagram accounts to engage the public, and will continue to introduce ways that non-jingle dress dancers can participate alongside the Jingle dress dancers. Sound Healing prayer is the name of their website. The group held a ceremony using social distance protocols on June 20 to kick off the sustained call. Organizers stated in an article by APTN that “We are giving remembrance to the ones that have passed from COVID-19 and we are giving support to those ones that are grieving right now and having a hard time.”

According to their Instagram account the group enters their sixth month gathering virtually to offer their prayers and intentions. Since their first offering began the initiative with 4 special ceremonial fires being lit in support of their initiative.

Visit the group’s “Intention Stream” to share that you will be joining, and post on their facebook group: @SoundHealingPrayer or use their Instagram @midewikweg_nimikaagewag hashtag #Midewikweg_Nimikaagewag

A spokesperson for the group Amy Desjarlais, says she “hopes the initiative reaches one million people joined in prayer around the world.”

About Midewikweg Nimikaagewag: A group of community organizers based in Toronto. The purpose is to augment a Wasauksing Elder’s call for Jingle Dress Dancers to lead the world in a sustained call for Global Healing which will continue until the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Visit: Sound Healing Prayer to learn more.

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