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The Combining Our Strength™ Community Leadership Program is offered to multi-generations representative of the diverse range of potential women leaders living in communities throughout BC who can demonstrate initiative and a willingness to participate actively.

The goal of the Community Leadership Program is to encourage women to take their seat at the table and affect change in their own spheres of influence throughout BC.

The Community Leadership Program is a 10 session, project-based program made up of workshops such as:

  • Community Leadership
  • Knowing Yourself and Others
  • Effective Communication
  • Leading Others
  • Critical Issues for Women Leaders
  • Building a Leadership Toolkit
  • Good Governance
  • Building Effective Teams
  • What is important to me?

Who we help

Women keen on realizing their leadership potential. Leadership can be demonstrated at home, in volunteer work, during recreation, and at school. Leadership is not only found in the workplace.

The program is unique in that we recognize that the needs of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women in smaller communities can be significantly different than those of women in major city centres. To meet their needs, we have created the program to be both culturally relevant and sensitive.

How to apply

Each year, a pre-determined number of communities are chosen to receive the Community Leadership Program thanks to the donations of our Combining Our Strength™ sponsors.

This year, we will be offering this program in:

  • Kamloops – TBD
  • Prince Rupert – October 2015

If you would like to participate in the next Community Leadership Program, please download and complete the Expression of Interest here.

Any communities that would like to receive the programming but are outside of the selected communities can follow the steps below for community selection.

How to organize Community Leadership for your community

Step 1: Explore if there is funding available to deliver in specific regions/communities within BC. On occasion, we’re pre-approved to deliver for specific communities. When funding it not available for specific communities, we then look for other funding.

Step 2: Identify a Community Volunteer to identify venue(s) and potential caterers. Recruit women for programming. Minerva provides posters, email posters and a standard email that can be sent out.

Step 3: Recruit volunteers and staff to organize dates to avoid planning during a Community event.

Step 4: Contact Lisa Tallio, Director of Combining Our Strength™, for more information at

Community Leadership is a tuition-free program for women thanks to the generous support from our sponsors.

For more information contact:

Lisa Tallio, Director of Combining Our Strength™

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