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Indigenous foodie John Croutch helps his friend decipher what not to eat by tossing out the ‘crap’ and replacing it with real food. Here are his top ten cupboard cleanup tips.

  • Replace white bread and whole wheat bread with whole grain bread
  • Switch from hydrogentated peanut butter to natural peanut butter
  • Throw away pop and processed juice and stalk up on natural juice and water
  • Replace processed cheese with natural cheese
  • Make your own salad dressing and toss the store bought dressings
  • Make your own popcorn and skip the chips
  • Don’t be fooled by shreddies and rice krispies, make oatmeal and muesli
  • Eat real meat, especially game meat and avoid processed meats filled with nitrates
  • Be choosy with your pasta, buy whole grain or brown rice pasta
  • Switch from margarine to butter, your body will thank you!
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About The Author

John Croutch

With over 30 years experience in the food industry, John likes to think of himself as an urban hunter and gatherer grounded in the roots of his Anishinaabe and German ancestry. His opposition to the unsustainable nature of current industrial farming methods is consciously expressed by encouraging people to eat seasonal and locally produced foods (preferably organic) much as his Anishinaabe ancestors did. John was instrumental in restoring the Native Students' Association, Kahonake Kititikan medicine garden at The University of Toronto as a place for Aboriginal students to practice First Nations ceremony and to reconnect with the land. John is the current office manager trainee at Muskrat Magazine and a standardized patient/facilitator with the Standardized Patient Program at the University of Toronto.

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