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Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings by artists Melissa Muir, Darla Martens-Reece & Scott Sampson

I am sorry for not always being there- I feel your hurt- I have struggled to find the way of the good life/ Mino Bimaadiziwin in a society built on the cultural genocide of our Peoples.

We are the People who are one with the greatness of the land. Our Native spirit and the knowledge of our ancestors runs through your blood.

It is my job to help connect you to the beauty of the land and teachings of our Native culture. I will take action and be a role model to you.

We need you. Together we can look to the resiliency of our ancestors to find solutions based on love, respect, courage, humility, honesty, truth, and wisdom.

Native youth are leaders in your territories.
Along with the land you are meant to survive and thrive in this world.

I can’t wait to see you live your purpose.
YES we each have a purpose and together we will help you find and nurture yours.

You are respected and loved so much! There are 634 First Nations and plenty more Aboriginal communities in Canada filled with aunties, uncles, grandparents and relatives that care for you.

You have received this message because you are loved exactly the way you are!

Please share this letter with the amazing Native youth in your life!

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About The Author

MUSKRAT Magazine

MUSKRAT is an on-line Indigenous arts, culture magazine that honours the connection between humans and our traditional ecological knowledge by exhibiting original works and critical commentary. MUSKRAT embraces both rural and urban settings and uses media arts, the Internet, and wireless technology to investigate and disseminate traditional knowledges in ways that inspire their reclamation.

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1 Comment

  1. Melissa Muir

    Hey! I just found out that my image was posted in the magazine! I am so happy that this is being used as a teaching tool, because that is what it was created for, especially acknowledging our Indigenous youth. We all have much to learn, as long as we are open to it and follow the teachings.


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