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Deconstructing the Spindle Whorl

Deconstructing the Spindle Whorl

lessLIE, Chris Paul, Dylan Thomas:

Exhibition Dates: August 5 – September 2, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday August 5, 2pm
Artist Roundtable: Saturday August 12, 2pm.

Media Release:

Deconstructing the Spindle Whorl (working title) is an ambitious exhibition that plans to re-imagine and tear apart our understanding of the classic Coast Salish spindle whorl. With three unique voices and artistic approaches, the heritage and evolution of the circular design is thrown into discourse. What IS a spindle whorl?  In what ways can a classic icon be reinterpreted, re-envisioned, and yet still hold its essential symbology? How do young artists carry the weight of tradition and interpret it into their own future? These questions kick off a complex set of conversations regarding form, subject, and Indigenous heritage.

The exhibition will feature 36 new works in a variety of mediums: glass, painting, cedar panel, and metal. A catalogue of work will be available online.

For more information and images, contact Darren at

Alcheringa Gallery
621 Fort St.
Victoria, BC
V8W 1G1

Tel: 250-383-8224

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