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THE ART FOR AID PROJECT is very excited about developing a collection of First Artist Student Profiles to help elevate awareness about the need for full art supply cupboards in Canadian Aboriginal schools.

STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND COMMUNITY members are invited to submit a student’s work to The Art For Aid Project. We will build a profile for the student, share their success stories and their images throughout the year on our website, on our social media platforms and in our Annual Silent Auction Event at the end of the year.

MANY OF THE SKILLS and techniques unique to Canadian Aboriginal people are in danger of fading away as our Elders and Craftspeople leave us. Part of our mission at The Art For Aid Project is to ensure these skills are taught to students and young people; the foundation of this legacy must begin with access to consistently full art supply cupboards in the classrooms and communities right now.

We would like to open the “Keeping The Teachings” initiative to First Nations, Inuit and Metis students and schools of all ages and in all communities across Canada.

To be included in the submission are the student’s picture, name, community, school and grade, the title of the traditional skill they are learning, and some photographs of their work, and a few words of encouragement that will accompany the images on the web page.

All skills are welcomed – we are hoping to highlight birch bark biting, quill and grass work, hat weaving, traditional fish curing, cooking, carving, painting; anything that demonstrates a traditional skill from your community. The goal is to highlight students and their connection to any of the traditional skills.

Please pass along this information to the schools and communities. Share our information on all the social media platforms, and print copies for remote schools. The Art For Aid Project works to replenish the art supply cupboards in Canadian Aboriginal schools. Please support this worthwhile project.

2016 Art For Aid Project calendars fundraiser. $10.00 per calendar + 5.00 shipping.

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Connect with us if you have any questions at all.

The Art For Aid Project

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