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Wednesday, August 30 @ 7pm: Niagara Falls
Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part 1
Brendan Emmerson, Water Protector In Attendance

The final Niagara Falls screening in the Indigenous 150+ pay-what you can film series is slated for WednesdayAugust 30 at the Seneca Queen Theatre, 4624 Queen Street Downtown Niagara Falls ON L2E 2L7 commencing at 7 p.m. The evening begins with a Traditional Opening and Welcome from Senator Garry LaframboiseMétis Nation of Ontario and with Phil Davis of Six Nations Mohawk Turtle Clan, drum keeper for the Ohniakara Singers.  Guest Water Protector Branden Emmerson/member ofChippewas of Nawash at Neyaashiinigming and born in St. Catharines; and who spent almost six months at Standing Rock will be in attendance. A Q&A panel, moderated byKanadoha (Jennifer) DockstaderOneida of the Thames, Bear Clan, Executive Director, Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre (FENFC) will follow the film. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Please note that parking is complimentary in the Niagara Municipal lot in behind the theatre; with complimentary street parking also available during the evening after 5 p.m./ramps and wheelchair accessible washrooms are available.

Given the increasing threats to Niagara’s rich fresh water resource and the decisions being faced around watershed development this is a timely film and discussion.

Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part 1
Michelle Latimer / VICE / 2016 / Canada / 44 min / PG

SACRED WATER is part of a compelling eight part documentary series called RISE for Viceland showcasing the global Indigenous movement across the Americas which are rising up to protect their ancestral homelands and the environment. Sacred Water is a timely look at Indigenous activism and the impacts of colonization showcasing candid interviews, historical context~and a moving soundtrack. This film delivers profound insight into the struggles around protecting sacred lands and waters which are happening in many places today.

**Program is for all ages; subject to change

INDIGENOUS 150+ is an indigenous film series dedicated to showcasing Indigenous films and artists, using story-telling and cinema as a vehicle for reconciliation.  In recognition of support from the City of Niagara Falls under the Niagara Falls Cultural Development Fund (NFCDF) program, the Ontario Arts Council and Good Influence Films.  The event is being co-produced by Planet3 Communications Ltd./Joanne Smale and Good Influence Films/JoAnne Fishburn – whose overall vision made Indigenous 150+ a reality. This initiative grew out of a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and is a response to help educate Canadians and build relationships. The screenings are in association with the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre and the Niagara Regional Native Centre.

The Seneca Queen Theatre is located on the traditional territory of Anishinaabeg, Ojibway/Chippewa (Anishinaabeg/Anishinaabek/Anishnabek/Anishnaabeg refers to Ojibway, Odawa, Algonquin, Potawatomi, Nipissing, Mississaugas, Saulteau, and all the Algonkian/Ojibwa Nations) and Haudenosaunee (Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora Nations) peoples. This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties.

INDIGENOUS 150+ honour First NationsInuit and Métis culture, history and teachings contributing to a movement to put Indigenous voices centre stage and to recognize that Canada’s heritage is much greater than one hundred and fifty years. The initiative launched on June 22nd in Owen Sound with screenings also being planned in other cities including Blue Mountain Village (Aug 19/20) in Ontario, and Lethbridge and Canmore in Alberta to date.

It’s time that the rest of Canada gets to know the First Peoples. We are here all together and it’s time to share and identify what we have in common

-Senator Ralph Wolf Thistle, Great Lake Métis Council


“Our original instructions from Creator are to be stewards of the land. ~We hold this responsibility through all time and for all time. ~We hold this for all living beings and all life on Turtle Island. This law is sacred to us and not subject to Man’s Law. ~We must fulfill our Creator given responsibility.”

        -Kanadoha (Jennifer) Dockstader, Oneida of the Thames, Bear Clan

Founding partners of INDIGENOUS 150+ include M’Wikwedong Native Cultural Centre, Great Lakes Métis Council, First Peoples Group, City of Owen Sound, City of Niagara Falls, Ontario Power Generation, Nation Talk and the Ontario Arts Council.


– Branden Emmerson, Water Protector
– Kanadoha (Jennifer) Dockstader, Oneida of the Thames, Bear Clan, Executive Director, Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre (FENFC)
– Guy Freedman, President, First Peoples Group, Senior Advisor to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

– Representatives from the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre and the Niagara Regional Native Centre
– Joanne Smale, Planet3 Communications Ltd.
– JoAnne Fishburn, Founder Good Influence Films / Co-Founder
– Senator Ralph Wolf Thistle, Great Lakes Métis Council
– Renee Abram, Executive Director, M’Wikwedong Native Cultural Centre.

Facebook Event:
Hashtags:  #Indigenous150PLUS  #INDIGENIZECANADA

Dropbox with photos from Sacred Water and more detailed bios.

Joanne Smale/Planet3 Communications Ltd.
289-296-6223/m: 416-554-2637

JoAnne Fishburn, Good Influence Films

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