May 28, 2023

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Justin Trudeau and Perry Bellegarde after addressing AFN congress | Image source:

On October 19th 2015, Indigenous and Canadian voters stepped out in record numbers and elected new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a Liberal majority government, while unseating long-time, now former, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Even former Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Bernard Valcourt was voted out of power. Voter turnout was up from 61% to 68%, with these numbers not including the voters who registered on Election Day. On multiple First Nations, they ran out of ballots and had to scramble to photocopy more. Indigenous and Canadian voters must now hold Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party accountable to their promises to renew and improve First Nations relations, education, health and rights.

MUSKRAT Magazine presents tweets trending across Turtle Island during election 42.


1. Congratulations to the record number of 10 Indigenous MP’s who got elected during election 42.

2. Thank-you to the 49 Indigenous candidates who ran!

3. Longtime Conservative MP Leona Aglukkaq defeated by Liberal Hunter Tootoo in Nunavut riding.

4. Ashley Callingbull, a big proponent in encouraging the Indigenous vote since she won Mrs. Universe.

5. Six First Nations communities started to run out of ballots for voters during the election day.

6. Wab Kinew encouraging media to look into why so many First Nations communities ran out of ballots.  

7. Perry Bellegarde congratulates Justin Trudeau as Canada’s new Prime Minister.

8. Pam Palmater encourages Indigenous people to take action in their own hands.

9. Justin Trudeau speaks of honoring nation-to-nation relationships and treaties with Indigenous people in his victory speech.

10. Indigenous people must hold the new Prime Minister accountable to election promises made to First Nations people.




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