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Introducing “The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game”: An Indigenous view on Colonization and Reconciliation.

Introducing “The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game”: An Indigenous view on Colonization and Reconciliation.

Victoria, BC — Prepare to embark on a journey of truth and understanding with “The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game,” proudly presented by Medicine Wheel Publishing, (publisher of the 2023 national best selling children’s book “Every Child Matters” by Phyllis Webstad)

On August 16th, 2024, this groundbreaking educational board game offers players a unique opportunity to engage with the truths of Indigenous histories and experiences on Turtle Island, challenging players to explore the truth of Canada’s treatment towards Indigenous Peoples in a thought-provoking and immersive format.

Recommended for ages 14 and up and accommodating 2 to 9 players, “The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game” features an innovative educational experience that encourages participants to explore how Indigenous Peoples have been systematically colonized. Through Truth and Consequence Cards, players will navigate the complexities of colonization, striving to collect four Eagle Feathers symbolizing survival in the face of subjugation, while experiencing the loss of land, language, culture, and identity.

Key features of “The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game” include:

  • Authentic Indigenous Perspective: Developed by James Corbiere (Waabi Makoohns), a Bear Clan member born and raised in Wii kwem koong, Ontario, “The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game” offers an truthful exploration portrayal of Indigenous experiences, informed by Corbiere’s lived experiences and cultural insights.
  • Educational Curriculum Guide: Accompanying the game is an 80+ page curriculum guide created by Indigenous educator Kristy McLeod, providing teachers and educators with comprehensive resources to facilitate meaningful discussions and learning experiences about the truth of the treatment of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.
  • Illustrated Legend: “The Tales of the Firekeeper”: Delve deeper into the game narrative with the accompanying graphic novel written and illustrated by James Corbiere, offering additional game context and storytelling that enriches the player’s understanding and game play experience.

The Truth in Truth and Reconciliation Educational Board Game” is poised to become an essential tool for educators, allies, and anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the truth of Canada’s treatment of Indigenous Peoples and its ongoing effects, as a way of beginning the process of moving toward reconciliation.

About the Creator / Author: 

The Educational Board Game creator, James Darin Corbiere (Waabi Makoohns, Bear Clan) was born and raised in Wii kwem koong, Ontario, on “Da Rez”. James is a childhood church trauma survivor, who became a peace keeper (police officer) and later, an Indigenous language teacher. He combines his knowledge of colonial systems and his lived experience with his artwork to create a way in which others can bear witness to the effects and impacts of colonialism, and its impact on Indigenous people in Canada.

About the Curriculum Consultant Kristy McLeod

Kristy is a registered Métis with family roots in the Lac St. Anne and Red River Settlements. She is currently a PhD Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction exploring Métis Identity. Her Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction was focused on how to create inclusive schools. She has been working as an educator in schools for the past 20+ years, both as a teacher in the K-12 system and as a sessional instructor at the University of Victoria. She is Co-owner of PathWise Solutions Inc, a company focused on creating eLearning and training, as well as web solutions for diverse learning groups. She was chair of the Education Committee for the Métis Nation of Victoria and a Director at Large on its board since 2021. Her focus in all things she does is to recognize the value of diverse perspectives and the importance of consultation in creating unity.

About Medicine Wheel Publishing:

Medicine Wheel Publishing is committed to sharing diverse voices and perspectives, creating a platform for stories that celebrate Indigenous cultures and inspire understanding and respect among young readers.

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