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Jay Soule

Jay Soule

Jay Soule is a multimedia artist from the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation in Ontario. Soule, who is of Chippewa and Lebanese descent, creates art under the name “Chippewar”; a play on the words “Chippewa” and “warrior”.

Splitting his time between several styles of artistic work from tattooing , body piercing , painting , sculpting, installation work, music as well as his line of CHIPPEWAR brand clothing.

From spring to fall you can find him on the pow wow trail selling his art , clothing and other swag.

He has been working as a professional body piercer for the last seventeen years & tattooing for the last thirteen years in professional shops in the USA, England, Australia, and Canada.

In 2005, Jay established his company Armoured Soul Tattoos: Piercing & Art Gallery currently located  721 Queen St. West , Unit B Toronto. The studio’s walls are covered with his paintings and carry his clothing line and  a huge selection of piercing jewellery.

You can visit to see his artwork and clothing, go to to see his tattoo and piercing portfolio, or book an appointment in his Toronto studio. 

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