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LANDSLEEPER is a Métis/ Gwich’in/ Cree musician born and raised in North, having lived in many communities throughout the Northwest Territories. LANDSLEEPER explores the spiritual, political, cultural and social climate of being an Indigenous person in its music. LANDSLEEPER draws inspirations from the land, space, isolation, themes of the subarctic, darkness and mortality. These influences give LANDSLEEPER an array of post alternative sound: unnerving depths of fuzz washed strings, pulsing bass and beats that settle in to a sonic tundra of visceral angst.

LANDSLEEPER musical influences can be contributed to post-rock, alternative and post-hardcore bands such as Interpol, At the Drive-in, Sigur Ros, Wintersleep, and Indigenous artists: Breach of Trust, Tanya Tagaq, Joey Stylez and A Tribe Called Red.

LANDSLEEPER music is created and recorded in Yellowknife, NWT. It is prided on having a DIY attitude, working through a home-based studio, with a laptop, interface, guitar and a vast array of effects pedals that create its unique lo-fi sound.

“LANDSLEEPER’s anonymity helps them express themselves as an artist without boundaries and perceptions of gender, age or ego. By shedding these labels, giving them the freedom to explore sounds and emotions of isolation, 24 hour sunlight/darkness and severe cold.”

Check Out Landsleeper on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram

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