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Guided By our Teachings | Loretta Gould

Loretta Gould is a Mi’kmaq artist from Cape Breton island. She is a mother of six. Her mother was a seamstress and she inherited her sewing machine after she passed. Gould has quilted for 15 years, and had been art quilting for four. One winter day her sewing machine broke so it had to be sent out for repairs; It took 6 months for her to get it back. In the mean time Gould was inspired by her oldest daughter to take up painting as a hobby, as it was an activity they had a shared interest in. When Gould’s sewing machine was returned to her she continued to make vibrant arts quilts and was able to sell them to generate income, she became a quite popular quilter, even sold some of her Art Quilts to Rolf Boulman the founder of Friends United in Cape Breton. Although Gould was incredibly happy with her success as a quilter she knew she could take her hobby of painting to the next level as she was able to take the skill and enthusiasm she had for quilting and translate it into painting. For the past 3 years Gould has been using stretched canvas and acrylics to create amazingly bright works that reflect her sense of family and community.

Check out some of her pieces on here

Loretta Gould
Loretta Gould
Grandmothers Prayer | Loretta Gould
Grandmothers Prayer | Loretta Gould
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