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Visual Art by Tannis Nielsen

I was invited to take part in a show curated by both Luke Parnell and Jason Jenkins. Each artist involved was given a pair of “Van” shoes to manipulate whichever way we were inclined. When I thought of the title “red runners” I thought of the things we have been running from, and then I thought also of our forced inability to run and I knew I wanted to show the shoes as being made immobile. I also wanted to show the pain of the paths that we have been forced to walk.

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About The Author

Tannis Nielsen

Tannis Nielsen is a Metis of Cree, Sohto and Danish descent. As a practicing professional Indigenous artist and academic, Tannis has focused her research interests upon the examinations of an anti-colonial, Fourth World / Indigenous paradigm, as well as the Western / Euro-centric paradigm, Tannis locates herself within the praxis of a critical method of instruction that places emphasis towards the ideas of political, cultural, spiritual, social and environmental justice. As an artist Tannis has exhibited her works at such galleries as the Glenbow Museum in Calgary and has co-curated exhibitions such as the Enacting Emancipation show at A-Space Gallery, with Vicky Moufawad Paul. Tannis has also written a number of articles on arts and culture, some of which include "Re-materializing the Matriarchy" and "The Conundrum of Critical pedagogy in Community Arts Education" for Spirit Magazine.

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