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REDx Talks: The Buffalo Treaty to precede historic treaty event in Banff

REDx Talks: The Buffalo Treaty to precede historic treaty event in Banff

Calgary, AB— Canada’s first international Indigenous speakers series: REDx Talks, has proven itself to be the leader in generating important discourse between both Indigenous and non-Indigenous voices alike, and this week’s upcoming program is sure to be no different.

“We are honoured to collaborate with the American Bison Society’s 2016 meeting,” says REDx Talks Curator Cowboy Smithx, “and we look forward to our role in facilitating discussion for those who’ve come to bear witness to this important event.”

The Sept. 29th event at the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum in Banff, Alberta will be a full morning of: ideas, engagement, Indigenous food, music and dialogue, celebrating the Indigenous spirit of oral tradition. The general public is invited to share in the experience, alongside elders, bison enthusiasts, managers, producers, advocates, philanthropists, and artists.

Preceding the afternoon signing and ceremony of the Buffalo Treaty, REDx Talks: The Buffalo Treaty will kick off at 10 a.m. featuring a condensed program of four inspirational speakers including: Wes Olson; one of the world’s foremost bison ecologists, and Sakaj Youngblood Henderson; an international human rights lawyer and advocate of sovereignty through the Buffalo Treaty. Only 100 tickets, priced on a sliding scale, are being made available to the general public online at

About REDx Talks:

Since the successful launch last October in Calgary, REDx Talks has been giving a platform for stories of (R)esilience, (E)mpowerment while facilitating (D)iscourse from Indigenous elders, creative thinkers, allies and agents of change on issues important to Indigenous Peoples. For videos of our past speakers and productions visit

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