February 21, 2024

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A Montreal Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Vigil | Photo By: Sam Slotnick

Please be patient with me
I may not always understand
Give some of your light to me
See me walk as gently
In this light is my only salvation
Dancing in the setting sun
Dancing in the morning rise
In the nite life of spirits
Has dreamed of my chin upon
Your souls that walk amongst the living
That may the Prayer Medicine
Beckon you home among the stars
May my shoulders be broad
May I be strong
To stand by you my missing sisters
To walk feeling their energy
Acknowledging your presence in ceremony
In the shadow of mountains
The shades hold all clues
Wide open eyes they do know
Who has kept the fate truth
To become the fate of secrets
Walking around where your hearts echo
Prayer Medicine of my Elders
Tobacco of many centuries prayer
I am brother of sweet scented grass
We are carriers of your cedar’s power
The sages of fields of wild medicine
The heart berries opens our visions
My Earth Mother’s womb
Where grandfathers and where grandmothers
Feel our pain and suffering
Embracing the call of the truth
The truth that hurts
My understanding hurts
My journey went to hell and back
Several times the darkness called
Carelessly adrift, lost and suffering
I wandered about the setting stars
The moon rising shadowed my darkness
Grandmother has watched with me
Grandfather taught me hard lessons

Candle light vigil.  #mmiw
Kia Rain,14, middle, gathers with her friends at a candle light vigil at Sir Winston Churchill Square in Edmonton | Image Source: TREVOR ROBB/Edmonton Sun/QMI Agency

Visions came to me that hurt
Painfully I understand here feeling
It’s not about what happened
Grandma smiled at my fear
My fear has brought me to near broken
I crawled before as my breath was lost
The vision looking back
Was the same vision
Looking forward from a thousand years ago
We both understood
The power of Prayer Medicine
We are Children of the Fire
We stand hand to hand
In the Medicine Wheel
In the Circle of Life
We side beside Nature’s Elements
The animals watch from primal eyes
The animals watched from primal hearts
Their instincts is their my teachings
The Great Big White Bear waits…
The clans are in the Earth, in the water,
In the wind and are in the Fire Light
My sister I am here by the Trees Water Roots
I hear you calling in the dark
Please show me the way
The way to peace in the Sky
The Happy Hunting Grounds
My heart is heavy
And it always will be my burden of choice
It is my choice to have to do so
That I do so because we are Children of the Fire

Faceless Doll Project: MMIW
Faceless Doll Project: Commemorating Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls | Image Source: www.etfovoice.ca

I stood with you as your journeyed to the spirit world
Your grass has grown over
Still I believe you have guided me
I am temporarily in this life before the afterlife
What ever that will mean to this journey
For now I say Prayer Medicine
I acknowledge your presence
Creator, if this is to be my vision
Please help me to walk free from the darkness
To enjoy the freedom I have today
To love others the best that I can
To listen without forethought
Without disturbing the voices
To laugh, To walk, to play and to sleep
Knowing the spirit of the one true
Loving, caring and forgiving way of life
Too feel as though I have never been prouder
Creator, if this is to be our vision
So, we sing this song together in the light
So, we sing this song together in the dark
With our sisters dancing to the seven winds
You have shown just how beautiful…
How sweet it is to be living the good life
So our prayers are with our Sisters
So our thoughts are with our Daughters
So our Souls will always be with you
So our Hearts will always be with you
We will Love you always and forever

Sisters In Spirit Candle Light Vigil:

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About The Author

John Moore

Author John Moore is from Moose Factory, Ontario and is part of the Mushkegowuk Cree Nation being a Taykwa Tugamou Nation member. I believe deep in my heart that ART is everything. I enjoy my creative writing as it is a gift from The Great Mystery, besides it being an outlet for light and energy it has allowed me to get in touch with our First Nation's way of life.

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