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The 32nd International First Peoples’ Festival: August 9-18, 2022

The 32nd International First Peoples’ Festival: August 9-18, 2022

Montreal, QC — In ten days, the 32nd First Peoples’ Festival will offer the best of Aboriginal creativity from the Americas and the world in a multidisciplinary event that unfolds on the Place des Festivals in Montreal, with various activities in the galleries, on the cinema screens and on the indoor stages. In 2022, more than ever, the focus of the festival will be on youth and emerging artists. The festival offers artists new grounds to explore, where creations that it has fostered and major works that the Montreal public can discover will flourish. It is about opening up imaginations and freeing talents capable of creating something new from a historical and cultural reality that is the site of a creative renaissance.

On the Place des Festivals, a renewal of the famous scenography will create an even more prodigious effect, metamorphosing the urban environment into a marvellous space inspired by the cultures of the First Nations. Continuous activities, from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., will showcase the arts of Aboriginal peoples, whether they be heritage (especially during the day, with traditional dances and music) or contemporary (especially at night, with concerts). These include four major concerts on the Quebecor stage, including Nikamotan neu, a show featuring several stars of contemporary Aboriginal music, and a concert by Matiu, on the occasion of the release of his new album. Digital works by Cree artist Buffy Ste-Marie, on large backlit panels, will be exhibited on Ste-Catherine Street.

As every year, an international film competition will be held with the presentation at the Cinéma du Musée of selected works, most often by Aboriginal filmmakers, dealing with themes related to the imagination of First Peoples.

About Land InSights:

Active since 1990, its mission is to link the artistic and cultural renaissance of First Peoples to the cultural dynamics of a major metropolis within a sustainable development perspective based on friendship between peoples, diversity of sources of expression as a collective cultural wealth to share and recognition of the specificity of First Nations. Land InSights is the driving force behind the Montreal First Peoples Festival, a multidisciplinary artistic and cultural event that makes Montreal the nerve center of Indigenous creativity from the three Americas for ten days in August.

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