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Todd Longboat

Todd Longboat

Todd is Onondaga Wolf Clan from the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve born May 10th 1978. He is the grandson of the late Chief Jake Thomas Senior, whom is widely known for Haudenosaunne teachings. Many of Todd’s family members are also carvers.

Todd began carving soapstone at the age of 7. He started to carve wood at the age of 10 and then sold his art at age 11. Since that age, Todd has made his living on his artwork. Through the rough times he has stuck by his artistry and survived through his talents. He is proud that, despite the doubters and skeptics he has been able to live and thrive off the talent Creator has given him. He loves what he does and does not see it as a job.

Over the past 20 years Todd has adapted and molded techniques he has learned from his family into his own. This has led to his art being sold around the world.

When Todd carves a sculpture he begins with choosing the stone. His imagination is ignited in this initial process of choosing the stone. He looks at the stone and begins to see what it is he wants to carve. His artwork represents the teachings and stories of the Haudenosaunee.

To see more images, check out Todd’s website:

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1 Comment

  1. Doris Zorn

    Hi, I purchased a sculpture of yours that is my very favorite piece of art
    the following is on the bottom of the piece
    can you tell me more about this piece.
    thank you
    Doris Zorn
    Del Rio Texas


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