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Twin Flames is a captivating duo that combines two accomplished and very unique singer songwriters Chelsey June an Algonquin Cree Métis Woman from Ottawa and Jaaji an Inuk Mohawk man from Nunavik and Kahnawake. Despite polar opposite backgrounds Twin Flames found a common musical language. Together they take the audience on a musical journey across Canada and the Arctic, they echo the voices of their ancestors and depict life on the land as they sing songs in English, French and Inuktitut. They leave audiences fascinated and intrigued.

At this year’s 2015 Indigenous music Awards Jaaji’s album Nunaga won best Indigenous Language/Francophone Album of the year and Chelsey June’s Album Finding me was nominated best Folk Album.

Twin Flame | Source:
Twin Flame | Source:

Jaaji and Chelsey met in the summer of 2014 during the filming of the television series TAM (Talent Autochtones Musicaux) for APTN which both were chosen to appear. Their voices matched one another perfectly right from the start creating soothing melodic harmonies. The two decided to form Twin Flames several months later.

The joining of the two artist was in a sense an experiment. Jaaji was already well known across the arctic and his music was loved and embraced by many. Chelsey also had a following of fans that had taken to her roots story telling music. Starting out on a summer tour in 2015 and recording a joint album Twin Flames was a gamble. The pair were not sure how they would be accepted because of language barriers in the North and the South. Would the Inuit people be open to Chelsey June’s English/French language music? and would the people of the south be open to Jaaji’s Inuttitut language music?

The Summer tour turned out to be a great success. The openness did not always come right away but once people heard the music of Twin Flames the barriers seemed to disappear. The combination of both their talents proved that music should not have a language, colour or race. Music should be about how it makes the listener feel.

Twin Flame | Source:
Twin Flame | Source:

Twin Flames have now played over 500+ shows in under 2 years. Twin Flames share a great ability to covey emotions through their lyrics and melodies. Together Jaaji and Chelsey June leave audiences feeling fascinated, moved and inspired. Audience members have expressed their deep gratitude for the stories that Jaaji and Chelsey share along with their love for the original songs that fill people’s hearts with so many emotions. The Duo released their debut Album “Twin Flames Jaaji and Chelsey June” on December 1, 2015. It is now available for download on iTunes and CDbaby. Their combined musical backgrounds and experience make this album completely unique and a treasure to discover.

Their hit song Porchlight made it to #1 on The National Aboriginal Countdown and is being played across Canada and the United States. They also released a music video for Porchlight which was sponsored by Pauktuutiit. There song was written to raise awareness for missing and murdered Inuit/Indigenous woman and the families that are left behind. You can check out the video on youtube:

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