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Honour Song: Episode 3 shines a spotlight on Salluit, Aklavik today

Honour Song: Episode 3 shines a spotlight on Salluit, Aklavik today

The third episode of Honour Song will take us across Inuit Nunangat (Inuit land) from Salluit, nestled in the northernmost part of Quebec, to Aklavik in the Northwest Territories (Google Maps can’t even calculate the distance between these two communities).

Elisapie will lead the conversation. She’ll be joined by the legendary Willie Thrasher and pay tribute to her uncle’s group, the Sugluk Band.

“When I listen to their songs, I’m reminded of my mom and dad’s way of talking,” explains Inuit Elder Martha Tooknanacheak Peet. “Listening to the Sugluk Band is healing because their words in their songs are said in true traditional Inuktitut.”

iskwē paid tribute to the iconic Kinnie Starr in the first episode and PIQSIQ got a chance to chat with their hero, the esteemed Susan Aglukark in episode two.

Please watch the first two episodes, tune in today, and set a YouTube reminder for our season finale.

Also check out our Honour Song playlist on Spotify (link).

Honour Song is made possible by a partnership between the sākihiwē festival the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom.

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