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Meet Sage Paul, fashion innovator and author of the Authentic Appropriations blog.

Hello Muskrat Magazine!

Congratulations on the launch of your second edition! As an emerging designer and a fan of Muskrat, I am so thrilled to be included! My name is Sage Paul and I am a fashion designer. I also work a lot in the Indigenous arts, which I love dearly. So, about me: As I passed the quarter-century age mark, I decided it was time to take the design world seriously and to put my creativity to use in a more personal way. I love fashion because it’s an ever-evolving, always present art form; it’s mathematical and precise in its creation, yet so boundless in its end result. I love to work with natural fibres and woven fabrics because they allow me to work in a sculptural way; the colour and texture of fabrics allow me to communicate the theme or purpose of a collection, often working with muted and darker colours and intricate or solid textures. I explore my history for direction, especially things like craftsmanship, beadwork, regalia, clothing pre- and post-contact, and clothing from particular Western and Indigenous “eras;” it also guides a sense of identity for me as a Dene/Hungarian woman. Right now I’m working on my Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, which I am incredibly excited about showing this coming March. It holds the theme of Migration and Relocation, which is such a primal way of thinking about leaving home and adapting to your surroundings without losing yourself. The collection will focus on regalia-like lines, thick fabrics, warmth and deep colours, being somewhat ominous with splashes of vibrant colour. The commissioned jewelry is industrious using natural materials, such as wood. There you have it, my work and next collection in a nutshell! Thanks again, Muskrat!

Peace out,

The collection will be available to the public in fall 2012. You can follow the status of the collection, and see fashion illustrations and commissioned artists at:

Sage Paul is modern Indigenous fashion, presenting culturally inspired apparel and accessories that are bold, classic and chic. Sage Paul is committed to creating an accurate representation of contemporary Indigenous people and ethically produces and commissions unique, trendy and quality-made men’s and women’s ready-to-wear apparel, accessories and other Indigenous-made items. Through its Authentic Appropriations blog, Sage Paul reports on current Indigenous street wear and trends.

Authentic Appropriations: Street Style

The Authentic Appropriations blog explores current fashion trends and expressions from the urban Indigenous community. In an attempt to challenge stereotypical imagery, the blog features the innovative styling of men and women from various Indigenous nations; Authentic Appropriations presents Indigenous people as we are today.

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About The Author

Sage Paul

Sage Paul began designing prior to attending Torontos George Brown Colleges Fashion Design program where she graduated in 2006. Sage has developed a unique perspective for fashion while working in the Toronto Indigenous arts community, an urban community that is vibrant and outspoken and one that Sage finds incredible inspiration from. Working with cultural and traditional concepts Indigenous and Western, Sage seeks to identify the urban Indian through her work.

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