January 19, 2022

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WINNIPEG, June 19, 2015 – It is with great pleasure that Intercontinental Cry (IC) Magazine officially announces the formation of its new editorial board.

The international editorial board, led by Editor-in-Chief John Schertow (Kanienkehaka), is comprised of a tight-knit group of experienced editors and educators who have the knowledge, skill and dedication necessary to firmly establish IC as a premier publication.

Alongside Schertow sits Jeff Corntassel (Cherokee Nation), Director of University of Victoria’s Indigenous Governance (IGOV) Masters Program in British Columbia; Tracy Barnett, an award-winning newspaper and magazine writer, and former assistant professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism; and Callum Clayton-Dixon (Nanyawana), a Co-Editor at Black Nations Rising and Chairperson of the Aboriginal Provisional Government in Australia. Also joining the Editorial Board is Geraldine King (Anishinaabek Nation), an IGOV grad student at UVic, who earlier this week became IC’s Managing Editor.

“I am grateful beyond words to be working with such a resilient and hard working group of people”, comments Schertow, who founded IC Magazine 11 years ago this month.

“IC has accomplished a lot of good work over the years. Not only have we called attention to the frontline struggles of hundreds of Indigenous Nations around the world, we’ve overcome every obstacle that’s been placed in front of us and built quite a reputation in the process. Now, under the watchful eye of this Editorial Board and with steadfast support from the Center for World Indigenous Studies, we’re going to give this immovable object a refined edge and enough momentum to keep it running well into the future. We are entering a new era at IC and I for one couldn’t be happier.”

Media Contact
John Ahni Schertow
Editor in Chief, IC Magazine

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