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The third book of the Algonquin Quest Series. Algonquin Sunset will be released June 17th

The third book of the Algonquin Quest Series. Algonquin Sunset will be released June 17th

AAH! Spring has arrived, at least here in Glenburnie Ontario. The birds are singing and frolicking through the yard and I worked outside all day. Tomorrow I will be teeing off at8AM for my 1st round of the year in this area. ( I was at the Masters in Augusta Georgia last week with my son and two friends and golfed 4 rounds in Santee S.C.). Along with the coming of spring there are an abundance of new books sprouting from your local bookstores. One of those books just happens to be my new novel.

The third book of the Algonquin Quest Series. Algonquin Sunset will be released June 17th. Here will find out what happened to Mahingan and his followers and where they are going on their new adventures. Two new Native tribes, the Anishinaabe and their enemy the powerful Lakota will be introduced to my readers, along with new characters, a Anishinaabe cultural legend plus a Lakota legendary cultural figure. Still set in the 1300’s on Turtle Island, live is not getting any easier for the people inhabiting these lands.

You will be acquainted with the Anishinaabe and Lakota languages, plus a new feature for my novels the pronunciations of the Native words. The Algonquin, Lakota, Mi´kmaq and Mohawk are dying languages. The Anishinaabe language is also struggling to stay alive. In my Authors Notes for Algonquin Sunset I will be telling you about some wonderful people who are trying to keep these languages alive by making websites for their languages and teaching their children in their Native schools.

You can pre-order Algonquin Sunset at any book store in North America or Europe.

Kobo now has my books in a three book bundle. I do like the cover for this ad!
CBC has chosen Algonquin Quest for its Spring Review as one of the new exciting books to read in the first half of 2017.
Again Dundurn did a great job on this cover with the crow. Three for three for the book covers by the Dundurn design department! Plus the Kobo design that’s four for four.
I had lots of school visits last year and I am very pleased at the reception that I Am Algonquin and Algonquin Spring have received within some school boards across Canada.
My friends may be surprised that I have almost entered the 21st Century by opening a Twitter account. You can follow me @RevelleRick , although I have yet to get a cell phone, microwave or a bank card.
If you have 30 minutes of your life that you want to waste, I did an interview about writing my books, just go to this link and click on the radio waves on the top right hand corner.
If you are interested in attending some book signings and a writers fest that I will be at, here are my upcoming dates.
April 29th which is Authors for Indies Day, I will be at two different book stores 120 kilometers apart signing my books I Am Algonquin and Algonquin Spring and talking about other books that I have read to help in my research.
From 10 to Noon I will be at Beggars Banquet in Gananoque Ontario.
From 2 to 4 PM I will be in Almonte Ontario at Mill Street Books.
On May 6th I will be in Stratford Ontario at their Young Adult Writers Fest sitting on a Native panel along with James Bartleman. Tickets are available through this site.
On Saturday June 17th Novel Idea Kingston will be hosting the book release for Algonquin Spring from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. The store is located at 156 Princess Street Kingston Ontario.
On Saturday June 24th I will be at Chapters Book Store, 2376 Princess Street Kingston Ontario from 11 AM to 2 PM.
On Saturday July 8th I will be in Belleville Ontario at their Chapters Book Store, located at the Quinte Mall from Noon to 3 PM.
If you really want to stretch your calendar out I have some dates for 2018.
1)Tuesday January 16th I will be speaking at the Belleville Historical Society at 7:30 PM
2) Wednesday May 2nd I will be speaking at the Probus Club in Manotick Ontario at9:30 AM
Support your local bookstores and libraries, there is nothing better than reading a good book to relax and expand your learning.
A couple of years ago I read that only 25% of the homes in Canada have a book in their house. Time to change that, buy a book, support an author, any author and help the literary culture of Canada grow. Can we get 50% of the homes in Canada giving a home to a book for our 150th?
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